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Full Metal Alchemist

This anime made me cry so many times but it was amazing! Did you watch this dubbed or subbed ?
I watched alot of animes subbed, but this one I watch dubbed. The voice acting truly is sexy, like Ed and Roy.
it's a really great anime! I would recommend for anyone to watch it & the concept is also CRAZY AMAZING (like I wish I could do stuff like that! ) I had to watch it subbed because I think anime sound so weird dubbed lmao but there are some exceptions. what did you watch it in?!
Well one of the basic ones is don't try to bring the dead back to life. -Ed and Al trying to bring their mother back. -They came up with a make body (my guess would be the body of Jesus/ God) 'cause I mean come on what other make w/ black/ brown hair - midage would come from that. The 'person' inside the portal called himself/ itself names including "God" & "Truth". Just went back off on a little rant there sorry... Anyways I watched some subbed, but I watched it all seperatly dubbed.
Great anime, this would be the perfect movie poster though! Lol first thought seeing it
I watched the dubbed version and yes there voices are sexy Summerelder21
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