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Alright. I don't really jump on ships, but there are a few that I adore.

Let's meet our first couple.

Lee Jae Joon x Takuya Terada

Now, I had stumbled across some gifs of them on some tumblr I was on. Who ever knows where and when they find stuff on tumblr anymore. If you do, you obviously haven't been there long enough. *coughs and chokes a bit* I learned that they were on The Lover together. If you haven't watched it, I definitely recommend you do. I think it's one comedy drama thing where I actually had a hard time fighting tears. SO MANY FEELS! Anyway, Takuya and Jae Joon are a couple of guys that end up living together. Their story will definitely feed anyone's need for some Boys' Love. I feel like by the end of the series, I'd be that friend going, "So, did you do it or did you do it? Marry each other or something." The chemistry was there. Especially if you've seen the deleted scene with the aloe gel. *insert epic flailing* Intentional or not, sparks happened between them somewhere.
I love the whole The Lover cast though. If I shipped anything, I'd ship all them together. Except for that one couple. *cough* I didn't like them together anyway. You'd know why if you watch it/ have watched it. xD
A little more TakuJae fan art for you. And a Jae Joon towel shot. ;)

Kim Woo Bin x Lee Jong Suk

If you don't ship this, you live under a rock. ...That's harsh. I'm sorry. ㅠㅠ If I ship anything, it's these two. I honestly found out about Woo Bin first when he was on Running Man. Thought he was cute and handsome and precious and adorable and...Yeah, I don't know how in the world I ended up finding out about them at first. I'm pretty sure it's because of something Running Man related though. And then, somehow, I found out they were on School 2013 together...


I honestly had no idea there was a series, but that doesn't matter. (Actually, I had started watched School 2015, because of my precious baby Sungjae, and found out about 2013 and stopped watching the prior. I haven't finished episode one of School 2015 yet...) Anyway, you want bromance? You want these two. Yes, yes, yes. To make the shipping thing legit? They were asked if they'd dated twice in two separate interviews and years apart, if I'm not mistaken. The question is obviously a joke both times but the responses are hard to take as jokes of any kind. AND! I think it was Jong Suk’s celebration for his birthday and for starting an official fanclub? Woo Bin made a guest appaearance. Jong Suk cried. He was so happy, he cried. Woo Bin made jokes about it and said that Jong Suk was probably acting/that his acting had gotten better but Jong Suk couldn't get himself together. Woo Bin also fed him. Yup. If there were ever a ship I'd get on and sail, even if I were by myself, these two would be that ship.

Lee Ji Hoon x Lee Yi Kyung

Another School 2013 OTP. I'd just on this ship just the same. For secondary characters...if that's even what you'd call them, they were more like main characters that just weren't exactly leading every episode... *gives up trying to explain that* But these two... I accidentally stumbled across photos of them a while ago when I was looking for more pictures of Woo Bin and Jong Suk. These two possibly have shipped themselves at some point as well. I approve. ;)
*whispers* Part of me also ships this. Something about maknae and the eldest hyung. *sobs*

Thank you for reading. Here are some extras for you. ^^

Those last gifs... What happens when you let two couples and their best friend sleep over. =3=
@AmbieB awwwahhhh Hahahaha
@B1A4BTS5ever Every time I remind myself of these couples, I get all giddy. xD
Tagging just because. XD @B1A4BTS5ever @ChelseaJay @kpopandkimchi
Markyeom !!! Also, The Lover. I really wanna watch that. You other ships are cool too hehe. Though Idk much about them (yet at least).