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Welcome back..If you haven't seen my seen my first card, here is a link to Part 1 You don't want to miss it. Anyway lets get started with Part 2 >:)
Don't look at me like that....
Anybody else having a hard time breathing...
He is just too fashionable and his eyes and glasses and eyebrows is all too much...
And just for you @glostick Told you i would do it lol
I'm tagging the people who commented on my recent TOP cards and a few others: @Exoexo @CarenBoykins @CristalTrujillo @loftonc16 @DenieceSuit @OsoaVIPunnie @SusiBosshammer @PrettieeEmm @lcr4562 @NiahriTaylor @jkbarron2 @HugoGot7 @StefaniTre @Tigerlily84 @xxxtina @CloverShadows @AraceliJimenez @michellefuentes @Starbell808 @Kiki29 @AkiraCondry I had so much fun doing this. I hope all of you enjoy my first overdose card and let me if I should do this again and who I should do. See you later! ❤❤☺
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@amberg171997 Here's the other part lol
@JohnEvans why is T.O.P so perfect!Like dang he's so freaking hot!
@4dalientae Here you go: )
@JohnEvans I'm literally crying ;-; there was a shirtless moment how do you breathe again?! and thanks for GD at the end, haha I can't even.