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I think it will be great for us to share those who we look up to, those that motivates us to be apart of fitness, to reach those goals. Tag me in your card as well with (Motivation) apart of your title so I may look at it. So who is your most influential person of fitness and why?
For me its Jim Mendler. (Power Lifter, Fitness Guru) He created a great powerlifting routine called 5-3-1. It focuses on strength and it helped me so much when I first started. I still use it to this day every other month when I feel I need to switch up my routines. He is a great advocate for fitness and he is all about reaching goals and a no slack about it attitude. No matter how young or old he believes fitness is key to a healthy living. He lives, eats, breaths, and even bleeds fitness. Hands down Jim Wendler is a beast. Check out his site
Not anything specific. I've came up with my own routine and it worked really well for and it fits with my busy schedule. Next month though I'll jump back on the 531. @alywoah
Right!? I use that every other month to keep up my strength. My gains are amazing during that month.
Aw man, Jim Mendler is awesome. The powerlifting program 5-3-1 is an awesome program!
Are you using any specific program now?