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Well, here we go.

After nine long years of waiting, tonight the Mets' playoff draught comes to an end. It's time to play October baseball.
The Mets have released the 25 players that they'll take to Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers in games 1 and 2.

No real surprises, here.

The great news is that Steven Matz seems to be healthy enough to pitch in Game 4. So, the rotation will be deGrom, Syndergaard, Harvey, Matz, then deGrom again for Game 5. I like my chances with those four studs going back to back. Tough to beat all of them.
In the bullpen, Sean Gilmartin misses out in favor of the veteran Jon Niese. If you want my opinion, I think the Mets should've taken Gilmartin instead of Niese. Niese is not a reliable reliever and he is certainly not a lefty specialist. Gilmartin isn't amazing against lefties either, but he is a solid pitcher and he has experience in the bullpen.
I don't see the Mets using Niese unless absolutely necessary - Colon is in there as the emergency long reliever - and Gilmartin would've had some value.
As for the hitters, the Mets will miss the veteran presence of Juan Uribe, no question. The infielder is injured and has been ruled out for the series.
Making the team in his place is the enigma Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Nieuwenhuis isn't actually any good, I don't think, but he is versatile, and he has made some crazy plays this season.

Who could forget his 3-home run game in June? Or his go-ahead homer in that crazy September series with the Nationals?

He's an up-and-down player, but he has earned himself a place on this team as a pinch hitter, pinch runner or defensive specialist.
Look, I'm confident. I'm nervous, but I'm confident. I think the Mets can do it. The Dodgers are good, but the Mets aren't here for no reason.

They can get it done. Tonight we'll find out for sure.

Let's Go Mets !!

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Cant believe you guys beat Kershaw last night! Congrats bud!