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If there's one thing I have learned in my short time on earth is that everyone doesn't deserve the privilege of driving.
While doing my daily search of the internet of all things extreme, I caught wind of this driver who went wild on the road this week.. and by wild I mean donuts, flipping off cops and hitting numerous cars passing by.
You gotta see this one.

This lady was on a death mission behind the wheel in Charlotte.

The crazy part is it seemed like the more people did to calm her down, the more agitated she got. You would think when the cops got on the scene she would slow her roll, but not this lady. As a matter of fact, she popped 3 donuts when the cop pulled up and hit his car twice on purpose.
Shoutouts to the guy who shot the video as well for the flawless commentary, you're the real MVP.
Moments like that are why I feel like we should have stricter guidelines on driving.
I hope they get this lady the help she needs. With that being said, I doubt we will see her on the road again anytime soon.
My favorite parts were the long scenes of sidewalk, asphalt and random grass.
“She gonna kill somebody!” was my favorite part. but seriously she really could’ve! this was really dangerous of her!