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Halloween is coming...
What will you be... NS Yoong G is here with "Reasons to be a Witch"... I've always loved her music but I just restumbled across this video and thought I should share... enjoy
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@RobertMarsh OMG GET SOME SLEEP MISTER! lol XD μž˜μžμš”!!! (-_-)zzz Thank you for inviting me! I'd love to join you and my brother & Kimchi :) It will be tons of fun!!!!!!!
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@RobertMarsh haha its probably worth putting in at least a small amount of effort to try and sleep XD now if only I could follow that advice myself lol
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Ohmigosh! Her outfits! I neeeeeed them. Also, she's hot af.
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Wow the more I listen to Kpop the more I like it. 😎 I outfits are on point πŸ‘πŸΎ applause to her designer
2 years agoΒ·Reply
they were very awesome @Pickles440 and @JessicaMuhammad
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