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Soon we'll be launching and advertising our youtube channel and Websites. We need all the support from the Gamers and life changers. Me personally, I want to have fun and help along the way. And yes I know there is a million different Gamer youtubers. But we have a different objective, to show people they can be sucessful doing the things THEY LOVE. It's not some elicit dream or unobtainable reality, all you need is Faith Lord knows I wouldn't have the courage without it. So what is it we do and who am I?
Well I go by Turbo Jay on youtube, and I do videos With my friends and family. Even my girlfriend, but its not just Games, I do vlogs, and race vids, Spewing out motivation and wisdom. I want to be sucessful having fun and uplifting other people I truly believe that is what God put me here to do, because no matter what it is I find a way to have a good time doing it, esecially if i makes the ones I love happy.
I have a blog as well, specifically dedicated to uplifting people and finding them opportunities and trying them to give people a a few perspectives of my own. wether they are good or bad or even scams. Have a look here: http://a-new-way2flo.com/ Its updated weekly when I have the time but I always try to post top quality content everytime I get a chance. And finally my favorite passtime is working on our new gaming website pandagaming.co. We have an objective to help all the youtube gamers get their names out there by sharing their content on our website and blogging about games. Right now its exclusive but if you want to get your content on there leave a comment below, right now wer are in prelaunch as well, and if you want to make money with us leave a comment for that too. We will be launching soon :)
So WHY do I want YOU to support, and what do YOU get from it? Besides the general satsifation you get from helping another human being, you will be one of the first people to give me feedback before i get flooded with inboxes and subscribers. You can say I knew Turbo, OGPanda, and Sailor Shelly before they were out saving the world and making smiles. I'm just sayin what is there to lose? Really This is the prelaunch and those who made it to the bottom of this card. Thank you soooo much. Leave a comment down below if you want to get to know me...or if you simply want to be one of the firsts, even leave your name and a shout-out, cause In two years you'll be surprised how much we've improved because of you all. Again thanks!!
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Sure I had some chargers on my pintail. I was looking at buying krux but ill give caliber the a try
I would say if you can get Calibers to get them. Best trucks.
@TurboJay I have two sets of calibers. They are the shit.
I do longboard videos as well just forgot to put it up with the pics and cards. Matter of fact I just traded somebody my Arbor pintail deck for a Sector 9 dropthrough. I need some new trucks should I stick to the reverse kingpins or buy a new pair?
Not longboarding related.