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Citizen's arrest is a term that we hear a lot but don't see often. While it sounds cool it can be very dangerous.
I guess this lady read the memo regarding the dangers of stepping in front of a crime defender, as this wanna be superhero went wild in the parking lot of Home Depot over stolen goods.
A white man who was described as being between 40 and 50 years old, and an African-American man around 40 — made off with a shopping cart full of loot at an Auburn Hills, Michigan Home Depot.
Loss prevention stepped in as the man attempted to escape, but I guess this citizen didn't think they were acting quickly enough and stepped in to save the day.. or so she tried, a bit to damn hard but she tried.
The 47-year-old woman ( whose name is being withheld for safety reasons, and probably in a attempt to save her from embarrassment) decided to take it upon herself to whip out her gun and shoot at the suspects, opening fire in the busy Home Depot parking lot.

Thankfully no one was hurt over the stolen slabs of wood and 36.50 worth of paint remover the old men stole from Home Depot.

Someone needs to hit this ladies house and take them episodes of Police Academy she has on DVD away. Real life and fiction are blending a bit too much on her end.
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yikes, this would’ve been a PR nightmare if someone was killed. I didn’t know that people that decorated their homes would be so intense.