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I was tagged/challenged by @ChelseaJay so let's do this! My Ultimate Bias is Lee DongHae of Super Junior! I just love my squishy fishy oppa! And yes I can call him oppa because he's 28 (two years older than me!) and his birthday is in just a few days too! His birthday is October 15 (1986) so don't forget to wish him a happy birthday! It also makes me happy that he's taller than me at 5'9" (I'm like 5'2.5" (a shortie). He's a super talented guy (singer, dancer, actor, songwriter), loving, and nice to everyone. I'm convinced he doesn't have a mean bone in his whole body. ANYways let's commence with the good stuff shall we?..


Can you resist those melty chocolate brown eyes? I can't.
his smile like asdfgkj... and he does this thing with his tongue all the time or he bites his lip.. so sexy.
shirtless Hae is a yummy Hae.. not too muscular but not too skinny. juust right!
EunHae is literally the cutest, sexiest, most adorable ship ever. They're basically inseparable best friends and I love their relationship. I don't ship them romantically I don't see it, but hey if that's your thing I don't mind a bit. I mean I'll still hardship there.. ^u^
Big lovable goofball(s). I think these three (Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk) live with their shirts off any chance they get. And now Sehun is taking after him! Of course we all know Sehun is a sassy lil weirdo to begin with so no surprise here. ^Β·^
I'm his wife! See he said so himself!
Listen to this song if you haven't yet! It's from one of his dramas 'Panda and Hedgehog' and is beautiful! Watch the drama too!
Ok ok I've spammed y'all enough with pics of my love so this is the final one! Donghae's signature pic pose! Hope you enjoyed! Laters!! ✌
He is very handsome he reminds me of a teddy bear you just want to hug him
@merryjayne13 he does look very cuddly doesn't he?