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Matt Jackson is a strange bird. Smart as hell, but DEF a strange bird.

Cool thing is Matt is using his oddness for good, as the extremely smart 23 year old has been beating the bricks off folk on Jeopardy for two weeks now.
Funny thing is, the weirder stuff he does, the more people root for him.
In a profile posted to Jeopardy鈥榮 website this week, Jackson says he was encouraged to try out for the show by his friend Sam Spaulding, who finished second place in the 2010 College Championship, winning $50,000.
One of the things that grab Jackson (outside of his stellar play on the show) is his odd smile during his intro on the show, which grows gradually with the camera zoom. He also holds up a growing finger count during the zoom which marks each day he has won.
One fan caught on and had a theory on another meaning for the fingers:
"I am now convinced that the number of fingers directly correlates to the number of bodies in his backyard #jeopardy " said a fan on Twitter.
I wonder what Matt will do next!
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lol. I wonder if he's just trolling now
@fashionfantasy2 this slow zoom is HILARIOUS.. I mean the producers at the show have to know how weird he looks during it, yet they still let it loose lol
@danidee idk this guy def seems weird on the show, yet.. I still tune in lol
@ChosenKnight I think he is. Lol. He's smart as hell and knows exactly what he's doing. @christianmordi I never miss Jeopardy. This guy is making it even better for me. 馃槃鉁岎煆伙笍
@ButterflyBlu yeah like I think the first time it was real.then he saw the reactions and decided to have some fun lol.