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My anime Persona is Haruhi Fujioka from OHSHC! Thank you @RosePark for this creative challenge!
I asked my closest friend, "If you could describe my personality in 5 different traits, what would they be?" She responds "smart, funny, innocent, happy and nice! I automatically thought of Haruhi... I had bangs when I was younger, and haven't had bangs since 6th grade. I did cut my hair shorter than shoulder length about 4 years ago but it's grown long again. I also have brown hair and brown eyes just like Haruhi, only if I cut my hair shorter like hers. I'm not skinny but I'm not fat at all either, I get told that I'm not fat, but there's a difference not a big one though.
Haruhi speaks the truth and is honest and I get told all the time from my mom that I'm to honest and I myself known that I can't lie because I laugh when I try to. She is super innocent like me too!
I get irritated easily from annoying people like my brother or annoying people. Haruhi gets annoyed from Tamaki sometimes which is quite funny.
I don't like to dress up and have barely any dresses (only 2 and there spring dresses that I still don't wear) but when I do I look HOT! That's why Haruhi is my anime persona! ^_^ Who are your anime personas, make a card! @chris98vamg @MarkKibe @JustinHughes
I had to include my favorite scene from this show because why not? I'm kind of not a fan of thunder and lightning, I'm not as bad as Haruhi to the point of crawling under and table and crying but I jump and cover my ears when I hear the thunder...
one of my favorite anime <3
aww this is a cute card xD Also you ended up using only one character! Great Job~
I relate to vegeta in a big way
soooooooo pretty :D
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