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Yayy so @Keola96792 wrote about his fitness idol, and the dude he picked is definitely one inspiring guy! I wanted to join in and write about my fitness idol... :)
I went through several stages of my fitness journey. From being a girl who was trying to just lose weight, to a sprinter, to a powerlifter. Although there were several people who motivated me to become great, I think the person who was the most influential to me personally was ME! Is that weird to say!? There were several people who I followed for inspiration, but I so badly wanted to be the best version of myself.
I was motivated by own failures and struggles. I wanted to become a 'super Aly'. I wanted to be a faster, stronger, healthier version of me!
Totally awesome and yes you yourself is your biggest inspiration. Im happy to see that you persevered through your own struggles and your results is the motivator. solid work.
Mine's gotta be Lazar Angelov. If all of you guys haven't heard about him, look him up. He's a beast and he puts a lot inspirational quotes on his Instagram as well.
awesome ^.^
Oh my god @mchlyang I just looked him up – that guy is RIPPED!! What a beast!! Excerpt from his bio: "He owns some of the best abs in the world." Lol! Not everyone can claim that, huh?? (I certainly can't DX)
Hey @alywoah this is really cool girl!! :D I love the idea of finding that inspiration and power within yourself :) I wanna do that too!!
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