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Yayy so @Keola96792 wrote about his fitness idol, and the dude he picked is definitely one inspiring guy! I wanted to join in and write about my fitness idol... :)
I went through several stages of my fitness journey. From being a girl who was trying to just lose weight, to a sprinter, to a powerlifter. Although there were several people who motivated me to become great, I think the person who was the most influential to me personally was ME! Is that weird to say!? There were several people who I followed for inspiration, but I so badly wanted to be the best version of myself.
I was motivated by own failures and struggles. I wanted to become a 'super Aly'. I wanted to be a faster, stronger, healthier version of me!
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Thank you so much @Keola96792 :)
2 years ago·Reply
@Luci546 :) :)
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Hey @alywoah this is really cool girl!! :D I love the idea of finding that inspiration and power within yourself :) I wanna do that too!!
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Mine's gotta be Lazar Angelov. If all of you guys haven't heard about him, look him up. He's a beast and he puts a lot inspirational quotes on his Instagram as well.
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Oh my god @mchlyang I just looked him up – that guy is RIPPED!! What a beast!! Excerpt from his bio: "He owns some of the best abs in the world." Lol! Not everyone can claim that, huh?? (I certainly can't DX)
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