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Ladies and gentlemen, the price just went up on Netflix.
Netflix just raised the price of its most popular subscription plan. That’s right, the $8.99/mo plan, which allows for HD streaming on two screens simultaneously, is now the $9.99/mo plan.
Good news for longtime Netflix members though, as the price hike will only affect new subscribers in the short term. So if you’re already locked into the $8.99 price, the one dollar jump won’t hit you until October 2016. And the streaming services’ other plans — the basic, non-HD $7.99/mo plan and the high-end four screen $11.99/mo plan — will remain the same price.
With that being said, Netflix has been releasing quality original content by the boatload over the past year. If they asked me for an extra dollar a month, they could have it. I don't know about you guys, but I get more out of Netflix than I do my monthly cable system.
Phew! it’s a good thing that I already have my parents subscription and I don’t have to worry that much. haha.
@alywoah Netflix is all I really watch to be honest. I feel like 10 bucks a month is a steal for all of the solid content they have delivered in the past year
I have to use the Wii to use netflix on my tv, but it only works half the time.
I love Netflix. This is a reasonable jump. I'm not mad.
That’s annoying @JenniferHorn! my family used to use a Wii too, but now we have Apple TV. it works really well!