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Chance may only be 22 years old, but he's wise beyond his years.
The talented emcee has built a monster fan base due to a great marketing campaign and quality music. He also reached mainstream success without the backing of a label.
Many suitors have come calling, but Chance refuses to sign on the dotted line. The reason why is simple: The record labels suck.
Yesterday Chance was profiled in The Wall Street Journal, for a story that focused on his decision to forego major label backing. When it came time to explain his train of thought, Chance didn’t shy away from the issue: “Label deals suck, that’s just the truth of it, People believe you have to be discovered by a higher power, who hires you and takes a percentage, but in reality, you have to garner a fan base on your own.”
Everyone knows the labels have been jerking rap artists around for decades and now the power has shifted due to the internet. Chance is opening a door the labels have been attempting to keep closed for quite some time: that an artist can be a star without label backing.
It may be time for these labels to come correct and offer better deals.