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B.A.P. Screenshot Game
Thank you, @AimeeH, for tagging me. I admittedly forget about B.A.P... ㅠㅠ I went through a phase where I listened to nothing but them. But, then again, it was my ex thst got me into them and then, once we were done, I kind of just let go. *sighs* I miss them...B.A.P. Not my ex. c:

The Results.

Best Friend: Youngjae Boyfriend: Himchan Flirt: Yongguk Writes a Song for You: Daehyun Marry: Daehyun Jealous One: Himchan The One You Hate: Jongup The One You Really Like: Junhong


Youngjae and I had become best friends by accident. I was just an errand girl for the company I worked for at the time and I was out to get coffee for the office, my first task of the day. Just as I'd gotten the coffee trays balanced, some dude came into the shop, pushing the door open in my direction. Just because the door could go both way, didn't mean he should have done that. The one I was going for clearly said "push" anyway, as in he should have gone for the one next to it that read "push." To put it simply, not a single coffee survived the collision, especially not since he practically rushed inside after hitting me with the door, knocking whatever was left out of my hands. I heard an apology but all I could think about was how my co-workers and my boss were going to be extremely heated about, not only me returning late, but about the fact that I'd lost all their coffee on the first go. Then again, I was probably more upset with the fact that I now had to try and recall every drink as well as pay for it out of pocket since I'd used all the money they'd given me to get it already. "I'm really sorry." I heard the apology again and didn't bother looking in his direction, focusing more on getting myself and the floor cleaned up with all the necessary help. I wanted to cry. Unfortunately, for me, I was apparently already crying. He reached out and wiped my eyes for me, flashing me a soft smile, "Don't cry, okay? I'll help carry the coffee this time." My tears slowed as I took a deep breath, managing to put on a smile myself in response to his, "Thank you." Once we everything was cleaned up, I bowed my head and thanked everyone for all their helped. The embarrassment just made me want to crawl in a hole and stay there for a while. Thankfully, most of the drinks had spilled onto the floor instead of on me. I probably rank of espresso, chocolate, and caramel but at least I didn't have to worry about any coffee stains. We got the orders in and he helped me get the drinks into the car, even offering to head back to my job to help me carry them in. I didn't want a repeat of what had just happened so I quickly accepted his offer. That's how our friendship began. He was always easy to get along with so becoming best friends wasn't all that hard. One day, someone had suggested this group to me. After watching a few music videos, I realized that I recognized one of the faces. Youngjae was a member of B.A.P. Well, that's wasn't expected. They were a group that I had only heard about before, so it was no wonder that I hadn't recognized him at first. I didn't really know any of their faces anyway. My best friend was a celebrity. 'As your best friend, I'd like to meet your members.' My text message was a sly demand but I'd begun to think of it as more of me wanting to know who else he was spending so much time with and how they were really treating him. I doubted it was all that bad. Youngjae could definitely handle himself. He called me first chance he got and immediately laughed into the phone before letting me know when I could come by. This was going to be interesting. I could tell. Himchan and I hit it off first, as far as friends go. I was scared to talk to the others and it seemed like they were almost scared to talk to me. Himchan wasn't, especially not when we both realized that I'd been following him on Instagram. It was an interesting conversation starter, to say the least. He had classy taste which I teased him about but complimented him on. After hanging out some more, he began taking me to some of the low-key, high-class places he liked to go. They weren't fully of snobby people that looked down on "commoners," but there was just that aura about them. Himchan had that aura as well. We spent a good amount of his free time together, enough to the point that we eventually considered ourselves an official couple. I honestly didn't think that'd ever happen, but it was like a plot twist of life. More amusing that anything else. The biggest issue to our relationship wasn't that we were completely different people from completely different worlds. Nope. It was Yongguk that eventually broke us up. He liked to flirt with me just to mess with me. It was always teasing but it was enough to get Himchan tired of seeing it. So much for being a happy boyfriend and girlfriend. I accepted it though. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind, I hadn't really thought it would last. Daehyun worked to cheer me up by writing a song for me. It was one of the sweetest things. I'd already had this crush on him and life seemed easier since we were the same age, our birthdays not that far apart either. Only a couple of months to be exact. Let's just say from April to June, we pretty much ignored the rest of the group to hang out. It was shameless. The only one that really seemed to mind was Himchan. Jealousy was scary on him. It only got worse after Daehyun proposed to me. Himchan made it extremely obvious that he wasn't happy with our relationship but he didn't try to ruin things for us, at least not to my knowledge. I hadn't had anything against Jongup at first but it ended up being hard to get along with him because he started treating me like Himchan would. Jongup was sweeter about it, but it still hurt because he had clearly chosen sides instead of just deciding to stay both of our friends. Then again, he'd known Himchan longer, but I still found it too unfair to be comfortable around him. On the other hand, the other youngest, Junhong, had always been nice to me. He was like this giant teddy bear that just kept growing and kept making me feel smaller. I'd had a crush on him, too. It was hard not to with that adorable smile of his and the way he'd say "noona" whenever he wanted my attention. I never cheated on Daehyun but Junhong was a close second, and the younger knew it. (what did I do here? xD)
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