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I really can't decide who my ultimate bias is between so many people. So I ended up picking my top THREE from 2PM, BAP, and VIXX.
First from 2PM, Lee Junho!
I totally love his eye smiles. They are the best!
And his dance get what I'm trying to say right?
Second, BAP's leader Bang Yongguk!
He's everything a leader needs. Seriousness and leader-like!
And "GUMS!"
And lastly, VIXX's chic member Jung Taekwoon. (Leo)
I love everything about Leo. He's cute and shy. He's one of my top idols that I would want as a boyfriend.
Evil Leo!
Leo's charm is being himself and looking cool as always!
Bonus: Leo dancing with my bias ruiner Hongbin!
So here they are, my ultimate biases! Tell me who your bias is by tagging me back! Annyeong! @angiey0222 @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTSever @AlexaGarcia @cthulu @xoxaudra98 @ElizabethT @YeseniaLira @KenyaMendoza @PassTheSuga @NykeaKing @herreravanessa
@veeyang5 lmao! Yup the same for BAP and 2PM
@panouvang123 Heck! Hyuk's hot too. Seriously I love all VIXX members. Lol! Our biases are the same? You're gonna be my new best friend. 😏
Our biases for each group are the same except for VIXX. Mine's Hyuk 😂
I love Leo