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Bang Yongguk is one out of my two ultimate bias..!!! I love him so much, like it breaks my heart when I would see pictures of him depressed and looking unhealthy. This is my bae.! he's such a great leader. such a great person. sexy. heartwarming. beautiful smile. and I can't wait till my boys make a comeback. #BAP
My other bias is G-DRAGON.! He was my first kpop love. that's why he will always be my husband..! He's such a great leader. Very charismatic. such a beautiful smile. Looks good in anything he wears.!! #BIGBANG
Kwon Ji-yong and Bang Yongguk are my two bias. they always will be. that won't change. :) thank you for tagging me @veeyang5
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exactly how I am. I have my notifications set to ring when BAP uploads something on instagram and twitter. I wonder what kind of teasers they're gonna upload next. maybe a selfie.!!!! I love his family. his sister is so badass.!!! @jeppblackmen
@YeseniaLira Ikr in so jealous I'm always like I want Natasha as my sister OMG XD and Yongnam I want his as my brother And me too the only ones I turn notifications on are vixx BTS BaP
@jeppblackmen so do I. since I'm an only child. I would have loved a twin sister and a older brother. what do you think they're new teasers are gonna be???? did you figure out the secret code. I think it's matrix. but do you think it could be the title song or their title to their album???? 21 days till they make their comeback.!!!!!!
@YeseniaLira I've been counting down too and I think it's matrix Maybe it's a dance move or an MV idea? And omg 21 days I'll die! With BTS WINNER BAP AND VIXX coming back in the same month I'm dying my favorite groups!
I know.!!!!!!! it's gonna be the best month ever.!!!!!!!! @jeppblackmen I'm so excited.!!!!!