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The Yankees season ended earlier this week due a wild card loss to the Houston Astros.
People are looking for changes, and one of the topics discussed has been head coach Joe Girardi. Fans and journalists have questioned if he is the man for the job.
While there were many things that went wrong with the Yankees this year, Joe Girardi wasn't one of them.
The facts are clear: The Yankees are paying 22 million for a roster that isn't returning the investment.
For starters, the Yanks have a handful of pivotal older players that didn't produce on a high level this year. New York also needs to build its staff of young prospects, especially in regards to the starting pitching, which was average at best this year.
The Yanks were up big in that division due to his coaching and the fact that the rest of the division didn't have any talent. Once Toronto made moves it was over.
If anyone should be under fire, it should be the General Manager who put together this roster last year, don't you think?
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I mean just look at the players that are getting paid a lot: A-Rod, CC, and Teixeira. It was a miracle the Yankees made it to the playoffs in the first place!