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When you win at everything, that 1% chance of losing sucks.

Taylor Swift gets disappointed when she loses because it's usually a rarity. Swift discussed with GRAMMY PRO that she was definitely upset following last year's GRAMMYs when she didn't win Album of the Year. Her album "Red" was up against Daft Punk's Random Access Memories and she lost. It was so disappointing that she did some self loathing.
"When they announced the Album of the Year winner it was like, 'And the album of the year goes to ... Reeeeeandom Access Memories, Daft Punk!' And they really dragged out the 'reeee," Taylor reflected on. "And for a second there, I kind of thought we had it, and we didn't."
And like you, when she gets upset, it's normal to get fast food and eat until you puke because sometimes that's all you need. "I remember not going to after-parties," she said. "I went home and I cried a little bit, and I got In-N-Out Burger and ate a lot."
However, she ultimately blames herself for hyping up the probability of winning, "Going up to it, everybody comes up to you and they're like, 'Oh, you got this, you're gonna win, you're gonna win,' and I wish they wouldn't do that 'cause you don't know if you're gonna win --and someone else could very well win -- and someone else very well did."
However, she reflected on how to handle her loss, "You have a few options when you don't win an award. You can decide like, 'Oh, they're wrong, they all voted wrong.' Second, you can be like, 'I'm gonna go up on the stage and take the mic from whoever did win it' ... Or third, you can say, 'Maybe they're right -- maybe I did not make the record of my career.' Maybe I need to fix the problem, which was that I have not been making sonically cohesive albums. I need to really think about whether I'm listening to a scared record label and what that's doing to the art I'm making."
But no worries, Taylor Swift came back stronger than ever and is winning at life with 1989.

Do you have a favorite Swift album?

agreed, I think 1989 was her best album yet. She totally did come back from the Red album sadness. But I don’t think she had the right attitude about it...she had tons of sales and did really well. why isn’t she celebrating that instead?
@nicolejb If you won at everything and everyone said you were perfect, wouldn't you be extremely upset over the one thing that you failed at? It was a reality check that was necessary but it makes sense why Swift got upset.
I get that! but how can you complain when you have so many other awards? It almost like she’s throwing a tantrum because she didn’t get it ALL... I totally agree though, it was a reality check she needed though @cullenquigley