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Can we all just agree that that title should never need to be written; and yet we live in a world where toddlers wearing two piece bathing suits or little girls and boys wanting to dress up like their favorite character regardless of gender is a huge fucking deal.
And my one question is why?
A little girl in a cute mermaid two piece should not be scorned because her bathing suit is too revealing or grown up because you as the grown up are the one perceiving it that way!!! News flash: little kids where clothes because they love them, not because it makes them look a certain way.
But this past week the sexualizing of children was taken to the next level.
One of the original online superstars Perez Hilton is well known for being bitchy, cut throat and always the first one with the gossip. But in recent years he also has added father to his resume, keeping his Instagram full of cute pictures of his two children Mario and Mia.
Do you see anything wrong with this silly bath time picture of a loving father and his child? Because I sure don't.
Too bad the online trolls that need to get all their frustration out on the internet felt all types of ways about this picture calling this bath time perverted, rape, disgusting, and a way to turn his son gay (ohhhh so thats how that happens) EYE ROLL.
Start my disgust with the human race.....NOW.
Because not only is Perez doing the correct thing by making sure his toddler doesn't drown while taking a shower or bath, this picture depicts absolutely nothing sexual.
And why the hell are people somehow finding a way to make a father and his toddler sexual in any way? WHYYYYYYY??
The sexualization of children needs to stop. Because they are innocent and good and still uncorrupted by this clearly disturbed world and whatever "inappropriate" things that toddlers do are a fabrication of the person thinking them.
So do us all a favor and stop, because its disgusting.
ALSO, the homophobic remarks are absolutely repulsive and seriously stupid. Gay Dads rock and fyi gay isn't a disease that can be rubbed off on someone; so grow up and education yourself.
@shannonl5 oh man, did I get in some interesting discussions about Elastic Heart! I saw dancing, emotional and intense, yes, but dancing plain and simple. I choreograph pieces with children and adults all the time...I saw exactly what it was immediately. (Ironically, I teach that if it elicits emotions, either in the dancer, the viewer, or both, then we've all done our jobs well, but I don't think that's what I meant. Lol) And then a little later, after it got heated, Sia even said look, it's about my dad's alcoholism and my relationship with that growing up, which I, unfortunately, understand as well. There are so many negative stories around us that some people tend to see the worst All the time. It's sad because sometimes the children are the ones who pay for our misconceptions. :( We do have to be aware, certainly, but careful! Lives can be ruined by these kinds of assumptions! There is a couple in Britain that lost their child because of suspected abuse. They proved them innocent, but now it's too late. The baby was adopted and they may never see her again! I wish that was an isolated case. As for sexualizing children, man does it happen. I am VERY careful about how I choreograph for my youngest kids...and how we costume and present them at competition, etc. It's a slippery slope... I could really go on about this particular problem... My son has curly blond hair and ice blue eyes. When he was maybe three, we were at a children's concert. A complete stranger, a man, reaches out and wants to touch his hair. I snatched him away and said, "sorry, but please don't touch my child!" He was odd. He just kept going on about his "beautiful hair and eyes... Such a perfect child..." I was disturbed, to say the least. I think that's when I realized the problem is so real, and so close. I picked up my child and said, "oh look! There's daddy!" and walked away, all the way across the auditorium. (Obviously, there's no daddy, but that guy didn't know that.) We Have to be aware!!
This really reminds me of the controversy surrounding the music video to Elasitc Heart. People watched the really emotionally intense dance with Shia and Maddie and immediately said that the video was romanticizing a relationship between an adult man and a child. And while that's definitely something we need to be sensitive to (because sometimes there *is* something subtle going on, and there are films that have done that in the past), we also have to be REALLY sensitive towards kids. They don't have the same relationship with sex that we do because they are CHILDREN. They hang out naked and it's no big deal because... well it's kids. That's just what they do. And imposing our ideas on them is really creepy and inappropriate.
@ButterflyBlu what a creepy story. I’m sorry that happened to your kid. I think that we have to be aware that there are those people in the world, and protect our children. But innocent interactions like the one in the card should not be seen as gross or awful, and especially pointing the finger and name-calling. exactly @LizArnone, and I think this is an example policing in a bad way!
@nicolejb WOOOOOOO im glad this showed you how crazy the WOLRD became !!! It took me a whileeeee to realize this but the whole ideal of specializing children is sick since it's our minds drawing the conclusions !! America is pride to begin with and now bathing with your child is now practically a crime! Personally I think that kid is still too young to bathe himself sooo it would be worse if he was left alone !!!! Everyone's a critic nowadays
woah this is so interesting to me! I honestly never thought about the sexualization of children, and how it effects others. I find it interesting though that in other countries it’s more “ok” for children to run around naked than in the U.S. In germany it’s totally normal for children to run around in fountains naked. Here people would NOT be ok with that. and I never really thought of it in terms of sexualizing the children. Really great card!
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