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Nope, this isn't me. Not by a long shot. However, I am on my way!
For those of you who remember, I shared that I am in the process of changing my physique, which basically means I am also changing the foods I eat, my sleep patterns and my workouts at the gym.
Remember the 30-day body challenge I shared? You can see it here. Well, the 30 days are almost up. I will be sharing more about that later. But I wanted to share that regardless of the shape you are in--whether bad, okay or good--there is always room for improvement.
Frank Bugner, pictured above already looked amazing in 2014. Compare that to what he's been able to accomplish in one year. Here's the thing, time didn't make that happen. It's what he did and didn't do in that year that brought him to where he is today. Mind you, the photo on the right is about 3 months old. You know he looks even better now.
I love sharing body transformations. They soooooooo inspire me to keep going. I hope this inspires you to stick with it and keep going. Don't wallow in the mistakes or what the scale says. Move forward.