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I got tagged to do make an ultimate bias card. How rude. I cannot choose. Like, at all. I have a top 4, does that count? Like if I were to be surrounded by them and they made me choose, I'd die. I'd probably just have them do rock, paper, scissors for me actually. BUT ANYWAY! Here's my top 4. I'm sorry I can't choose. Nope, you can't make me!
Top. GAH! He's so cute!! He just does everything so right. I bet he gives amazing hugs... I loose it when I hear his voice, it's so majestic! He's super funny as well, everyone knows that! Do I really have to explain why I love him?
Ilhoon! Oh gosh, just look at that adorable little face! Ahh! He is what got me into KPop. It's quite a funny story. I'll make it a card if you'd like. But anyway, he's an amazing singer and dancer, he's super duper funny, I just love him so much. His voice is just, ugh.
The Wild and Sexy Jackson. He's just so lovable. I bet he gives amazing hugs as well. His voice is just, and his body, mmm. I can't. He seems like he'd be the best friend in the world.
Jimin. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Jimin. He's such a cutie! His lil cheeks, oh I can't. He's so perfect. Gah! His voice gives me chills. He's so freaking adorable and funny and I love him and I just want to give him some jams.
So that's that. I hope you enjoyed that. I'm still getting use to this, so I actually have no idea how to tag people. So if you see this and you want to to it, just say I tagged you or something. I don't know. Okay, byeeeee
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