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Hi Guys~ :D I finally came back from India traveling! :D From this week, I'm gonna start recap of That Winter The Wind Blows :) Jo In Sung. Kim Bum and Song Hye Kyo appears >< It airs on Wed and Thur on 10pm :) See ya tmr~ Cast: Jo In Sung : O Su Song Hye Kyo : O Young Kim Bum : Park Jin Sung Jeong Eun Jee :Moon Hee Sun Bae Jong Ok : Wang Hye Ji O Young notices that someone went in her secret room. She enters the room to check it. Though she can't see, she can feel some is there. She asks "Who are u?" But OS doesn't answer. In the meanwhile, OY's fianc gets result of DNA investigatioin. The result says OS is son of TJ president. OS is watching OS's video record. It was recorded when she was young. Young OS says 'I went to Japan to cure my eye. But secretary Bae lied to father that I can't cure my disease even if she even didin't take to hospital. I told it to Dad, but he doesn't believe me, saying that I can see nth. But actually I can see a little bit still. Mom where r u?' And Hee Sun comes back. She reports to OS how she changed OS's shaving knife to change DNA result. Next day, OS derates OY's room. Then he listens her groan. OS asks of it, but she doesn't answer, saying "Why u ask about it, even when I'm sayin I'm ok. U want to be sick because of money?" OS gets disappointed and leaves. MH and secretary Bae notices that sth is strange in DNA investigation. Investigater said the shaving knife is at least 10 months later since it's used. They think they gotta find out more if OS is really son of TJ president. In the meanwhile, So Ra, OS's ex-girlfriend, gets a text msg which threaten he gonna kill OS. At that night, OS thinks if he gotta go local party, cuz in the party real OS's old friend will come. OS is worried if he notices he's not real OS. Then he decides to go there. In greenhouse, OS asks to president Bae if it was really impossible to cure OY's eyes. "If it was possible, I would cure her disease. I've been her mother for yrs.", she says. "I can acknowledge u raised her, but u are not her mom. U should know that.", OS says. Nextday, OS and OY do the shopping together. On way to party, they have controversy. OY doesn't wanna go there, cuz she got hurt alotz in her teens. "I have to leave here after 3 months. Then you would be only in home or go only to the places u're used to. From now on. plz stop playing alone. I know how much it is lonely. Let's go there after taking a rest for few minutes.", OS says. While they were coming to party, Jin Sung asked to Jong Tae why OS doesn't like him. (Jong Tae is the old friend of real OS's) JT says he caused OS get hurt. "I caused fire on a house and OS came to have scar. Maybe the scar would be on left arm.", he says. JS gets surprised, cuz OS made scar on right arm. JS says to OS, "Get out from party. JT remember of the scar exactly. Let's get out from here and talk about it." But OS doesn't hide but face JT, showing his scar on right arm. In the meanwhile, OY is enjoying party, meeting highschool friend. Her fianc also attends. While she's enjoying it, OS finds out about the answer of OY's question. (She asked to bring her the things which OS used to comfort her with. OY tried hard to find out what it is.) He finally knows that it is cotton candy. OY's fianc, Myeong Ho, notices that there are two man named OS. He visit OS's home to see another OS. OS and OY goes to the river where she used to play with mom in her childhood.
@minyk2002 hi~sy! Thank you sooooo much for helping me while I'm traveling :D
njkim kkkkk long time no see najeomi ^.^ do you know who am I ? kkkkkkkkkkk
@haha thx for welcoming! I really enjoyed my traveling :D
welcome back njkim... and thanks for wanting to recap that winter the wind blows.. hope you enjoyed your stay in india!! ^^