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1. Seventeen - Mansae I literally have this song on replay. It's just so catchy. ^_^
2. Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang My playlist would not be complete without Big Bang. lol..
3. Big Bang - Sober Yep, another Big Bang song. =)
4. Got 7 - If You Do My bias is JB, but can I just say, Jackson though! My gosh, he looked so good. =D
5. Got 7 - Just Right The MV was just too cute! I love the message the song is trying to get across. Just like Bruno Mars, "You're amazing, just the way you are."
6. Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love The girl that got partnered with GD is so lucky. When I first saw this MV, I squealed like crazy wishing GD would look at me the way he did that girl. Hehe...
7. Big Bang - If You I loved the lyrics for this song. My poor GD who wrote this song when he was in love, must have suffered a heart break. =(
8. AOA - Heart Attack I like the dance in this song. I've been trying to learn their dance moves. lol..
9. SNSD - Lion Heart I really like this song because it sounds like a 90s song.
10. Sistar - Shake it Them girls and shaking their booty! Gotta love sistar. =)
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1.Seventeen-Mansae XD 2.IKON- Airplane 3.IKON-RHYTHM TA 4.BIG BANG- Lets not fall in love 5.BIG BANG - If you 6.IKON - My type 7.Day6- Congratulations 8.BIG BANG - SOBER 9.Gary- Get some air 10.Soyou& 10cm - Lean on me