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I love fonts. Don't you? But they can be frustrating too because it's a constant struggle to design your paper goods, such as invites and table menus, with the free fonts that come pre-loaded on either Windows or Mac. Take your pic, the options are never as fabulous as you need them to be.
Not long ago I shared with you 18 Free Handwriting Fonts, that you can see here.
And when I say free, I really do mean free. I discovered this AMAZING website called There must be billions of fonts and wingdings that you can spend hours poring over just to find the right one that you like. As long as you are using the fonts for personal (and not commercial) use, then these can be yours--no problem.
If you think that the process is hard, it isn't. Simply click on the DOWNLOAD button for the font that you like and a new window will open. Click on the font file and you will notice the INSTALL button. You definitely want to click it so that it loads automatically into your word processing program.
I use Microsoft Publisher when I am creating. Using the fonts is virtually instantaneous. I was able to download a font just yesterday and was able to use it immediately--as soon as I clicked INSTALL.
Do the same with these. Just visit the site and type in the name of the font that you like from this graphic and it's all yours. FREE!