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Okay, this anime, Guilty Crown, suggested by @RoseParks has some insanely attractive female characters, a good storyline and bewbs, everywhere! O.o Like, they really took their time to emphasize and create the movements of haha From Inori, to his mother, to Arisa, to Kanon, to Tsugumi, there is no shortage of attractive and beautiful anime women. However... My crush, out of all of them is:
Asaye Shinomiya. As far as anime women go, she's plain. Brown hair, brown eyes? Not wearing anything completely revealing? In a wheelchair? That doesn't matter. They all make her who she is and she knows all of it. And she owns it. She's badass and intelligent and very funny! She even shows a sweet side here and there. I really hope nothing bad happens to her, because I will stop watching anime for a whole 48 hours if anything does. This, I swear upon my blood lol I will just proceed to express myself in hearts from this point forward.
But seriously, I recommend this! I'm only 8 episodes in and I'm completely hooked! It's so good! The main character, Shu, is definitely relatable. Some of the things he says and thinks about are things that I've questioned myself about in the past. His insecurities, his weaknesses, his self doubt.... All perfectly understandable things from the teen years..
And, there are cute moments here and there! *.* ah! Haha I know Inori and Shu are probably going to end up together, but I can always hope *sigh*
I've been telling by brother to watch it! it's so good and I'm in love with the openings! ヽ(´▽`)/
@yessiex3 He should! And yes! The opening and closing songs are beautiful <3 Love the lyrics ^.^