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Thank you @AimeeH for tagging me! So it's story time! Jongup and I had been the best of friends ever since we were knee high to a grasshopper! We were called the inseparable couple (even though we weren't a real couple) because we would never leave each other's side! We were in our last year of university. There was a guy called Yongguk who I had never spoke to but I had a massive crush on him. I would hear him talk from afar and his deep voice would always make me melt inside. One day I finally plucked up the courage to go and talk to him (obviously when he was alone). I walked up to him and managed to say hi to him. He looked up at me and it was the first time seeing his eyes up close. They were a gorgeous brown colour. His eyes were so mesmerising I didn't realise I was staring at him until he coughed. I looked up and mumbled a sorry. I thought of what to say next and came out with 'I have a big crush on you!' As soon as I realised I had said that I put a hand over my mouth and my cheeks turned bright red. I couldn't believe I'd just blurted that out! He kept on staring at me blankly then he came out with words I thought I would never hear him say. Those words were 'I have liked you for a long time.... Will you be my girlfriend?' I was in complete awe and shock from those words. He gave me a confused look and I just simply nodded my head. I can now happily call him my boyfriend. I knew Yongguk was popular at uni but I never would have guessed that he would flirt with the girls... even when his girlfriend (me) is standing right beside him. I had been introduced to Yongguk's friend Himchan. A year had passed (it was near to graduation) and Himchan suprised me by pulling me into a room where there was guitars. He picked out an acoustic guitar and sat down on a stool. He motioned for me to sit down too. He had put a microphone in front of him and said that this song was written by himself but was a gift from Yongguk and Yongguk wanted to express his love to me through a song but didn't know what to say. I was overwhelmed and started crying at the sweet words coming out of Himchan's mouth. I was so happy that I had a song written for me about me. I saw Yongguk creep into the room and walk over to me. He stood next to me and I gave him a big hug and said thank you to him. He told me he had another suprise for me and it was directly from him. He told me to close my eyes so I did. He made me wait a few minutes and then told me to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes I realised what was happening. The tears threatened to fall as Yongguk was down on one knee with a ring in a box. He said 'Will you spend the rest of your life with me?' The tears were already coming down and had no intention of stopping. I smiled and nodded at him. He stood up and embraced me in a tight and loving hug! At our wedding there was Yongguk's other friend who I had yet to meet. His name was Zelo and he told me he was jealous of me and Yongguk as we have already found our eternal partners in each other and share the love for each other. I don't know why but because Zelo was jealous I started to hate him.... of course my hatred for him changed and I started to like him in a friendly way. However the one I truly liked, no loved, was my one and only husband and my life partner Yongguk. The end!
@AimeeH Thank you! I love it too! only thing is I seem to hate my bias.... which isn't true! and I marry my bias wrecker!
@AimeeH yeah I love Yongguk. He can't ever catch up to my baby Zelo though
@beckiboop1996 Oh no! Yeah I got trolled too!! But the wrecker is always nice!!
I love this!! @beckiboop1996 Omg I love it!