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I just finished the last episode of Exo Next Door and I'm seriously depressed. why aren't they're anymore episodes? why can't they make a season 2? Like I wanna know what will happen next :( Lemme just say, CHANYEOL!!!! Fuuuuuck yes! Honestly I fell in love with him in this drama (i always fall for the main guys lmao) And Sehun was halirous xD and D.O awwwh =( I felt so bad for him cause he really liked Ms. Lecheon (is that how u even spell it? idk) Anyways Exo Next Door has to be one of my favs along side He's Beautiful or You're Beautiful (same thing though) I definitely recommend Exo Next Door to be people still new to the kpop scene like me :)))
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I feel u I hate the ending, I want to know what will happen next
All the feels hun all the feels.
U was like where's the kiss??!??!
@TiffanyZou trruuu omg
@TiffanyZou but tbh chanyeol would've probably not kept a straight face while kissing. He's such a little fetus sometimes