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Got this text the other day while I was working (we work 2nd shift, but she gets out 3 hours earlier than I do so ignore the timestamps). She never made fun of me for liking this music, she just never listened to it herself. We went out on Monday on our day off and mentioned she saw the Try Guys series on Buzzfeed and was surprised that it sounded like stuff she would actually listen to.
I had just gotten home from work at this point. I warned her that she was getting a lot of songs (ended up being 100 total, 65 male songs and 35 female songs). DISCLAIMER: Any notes I made after a song are not intended to offend anyone. I'm pretty sure I'm a little older than most of you and have a different outlook on things.
I had to sacrifice a lot of male songs to make room for the ladies. She said she preferred the girl groups and can't take the boys music videos seriously (she has a point on a lot of them). I sent her a video of a performance of Growl with the numbered sweatshirts so she can tell me who her favorite is. She hasn't watched it yet, but my guess is Sehun.
I'm so glad Pledis groups made your list!
The list you gave to your friend seems like the same list that I'd give to my friends xD