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The Team Leader [Storm]: Storm is quite (in my opinion)an underrated character, especially in the movies. But I do know she is probably one of the strongest females in the Marvel verse while at the same time being one great mutant with excellent leadership skills.
The Mercenary [Black Widow]: I mean come on. Black Widow is so legit. She's just the one person you HAVE to have.
The Brawn [Hawkgirl]: Flight, super strength, even an expert on weapons. I feel Hawkgirl is a great pick up when it's battle time!
The Happy One [Squirrel Girl]: She just seems super cheerful. She commands squirrels for pete's sake, of course she's jolly.
The Brains [The Wasp]: Smart lady that can go into tiny places. Armored and robotic foes BEEWARE. (Get it? I made a little insect pun there, hehe. Should I stop? Yeah? Okay. No more puns'll be buzzing around these parts. Okay I did another but that's all. I promise.)
I am fairly new to Vingle but I will tag @DejaJuarbe @SnipesR @phantom4749 @AnthonyLebron @VinMcCarthy Challenge: Create your own team of 5 super females from the Marvel and DC universe with the following categories: The Brains, The Brawn, The Happy One, The Team Leader, and The Mercenary! Tag 5 others that you want to take up the Challenge. Enjoy everyone! @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK
your squad is awesome.
@ChosenKnight this is my squad
YES! So much love for this squad. Particularly Squirrel Girl :D