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Basic Words for Hello and Goodbye

1) 안녕하세요 : The formal way to say hello in Korean (ahn nyuhng hah seh yo) 2) 안녕 : The in formal way of saying hello or goodbye to people of the same age or friends (ahn nyuhng) 3) 만나서 반가와요 : The formal way of saying nice to meet you (mahn nah suh bahn gah wah yo) Or you can even say 반갑습니다 : another way to say nice to meet you. (Bahn gahb seuhb nee dah) 4) 저는 : The formal way of saying I am. (Juh neun) Ex: 저는 이예요 (Juh neun Ren) I am Ren 5) 안녕히계세요 : The formal way of saying goodbye to someone staying when you are the one leaving. (Ahn nyuhng hee gyeh seh yo) Ex: 팀은 안녕히계세요 (Good bye Tim) 6) 안녕히가세요 : The formal way of saying goodbye to someone leaving the same time as you or to someone staying. (Ahn nyuhng hee gah seh yo) Ex: 팅은 안녕히가세요. (Good bye Tim) A good way to remember this is To your teacher 안녕하세요 To your friends 안녕 안녕 When you leave 안녕히계세요 When you stay 안녕히가세요


By now you must be wondering what 은/는 mean they are both particles used to emphasize subjects. They are connected to the subject and therefore have no spacing between the subject or particle. : is used when there is a consonant ending Ex: 팀은 : is use when there is a vowel ending Ex: 마리아는 이예요/예요 are used at the end of some sentences. 이예요: is used when the ending is a consonant Ex: 저는 팀이예요 (I am Tim) 예요: is used when the ending is a vowel Ex: 저는 마리아예요. (I am Maria)
Hopefully I'm helping some of you learn Korean thank you for learning! It's a wonderful language with wonderful people. If you have any question please ask! I'll do my best to explain! You can message me or comment :3 I have another new card (day 3)
@ArmyofKookie you're welcome glad I could help!
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So helpful! \(^o^)/
Thank you so much for putting so much detail into this!!! ^-^ I really wish more people put grammar tips on here as well as vocabulary since I can read and write Korean all fine and dandy, but it's the grammar that's pretty different ㅠㅠ Thank you ~<3