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Can we talk about Lee Hyunjae for a sec?

LIKE DAMN SON, CAN YOU NOT? I literally watched Shut up! Flower Boy Band and my attention was always on him. I didn't pay attention to anything unless he was on screen.
Is he even real? Like he's too perfect for words. Please, Hyunjae. Spare me please. I'm not worth your beauty.
"I'm die." - Deep words from Kim Hansol (Topp Dogg).
He is so damn gorgeous! He needs more dramas. Well, more like dramas need him ㅋㅋㅋ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
@AluSparklez I'm pretty positive Byunghee was everyone's favorite character...until we had our hearts brutally ripped out of our chest and stomped on at episode 2.
OMGGGGG. I almost DIED every time I saw him on the screen. xD
There's a Freshman in my school who looks EXACTLY like him during Shut Up Flower Boyd Band! Like how they dress, hairstyle, their seriousness...I literally fangirled over him cuz he looks IDENTICAL to him. Amazing man!
@jaekeulrin No, I was just quoting him
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