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{TT} Anime Persona!

My friend @RosePark is at it again! This week, for his Twisted Thursday question, we have been challenged to tell who our Anime Persona is... Or who in anime acts like us or reminds us of ourselves, etc.
I even went to a couple of friends and asked their opinions. This was easy, apparently!
Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail was the first answer every single time! This didn't surprise me, really... even though I don't have blue hair right now (give it time! :P )
Levy is just amazing! She's first a foremost a true, loving, loyal friend, no matter what. She never fights without a reason. But watch out, she can be pretty competitive!
Her magic is all about reading books, writing, and words. Called Solid Script, her magic allows her to call a word into being above her and then throw it at another person. If she calls Fire and throws it at an opponent, well, then, he's roasting a bit. She can also call thunder (with lightening), stone, holes, etc.
Levy also uses Solid Script to support her teammates. My favorite (obviously!) was when she called forth Iron so that Gajeel could eat it and replenish his strength. She can also put air bubbles around her friends' heads when underwater, allowing them to breathe in the water.
She uses a magical pen and some amazing glasses that I would KILL FOR. The Gale Force Reading Glasses allow her to read anything 18 times faster than normal. The Light Pen allows her to rewrite any rune.
Levy is also a Polyglot, meaning that she speaks several, or in her case, many languages. This also fits me.
She has taken one for her team - Shadow Gear - and for the guild more than once, but she never complains. (I try not to complain. I might have it harder than some, but someone has it harder somewhere, no doubt.) She even manages to infiltrate a cult without magic! She cares so much for her team and friends, as do I.
And she always forgives her enemies... <3
Yeah. I'm a happy drunk, too. :P
Though this happens too often and I could do without it! I am not a puppy, man! (Yes I am shorter than most men, but still!)
There ya go! Your turn!
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LOL *pat pat pat* and youre absolutely right on this one xD Loved the card and the gif are just right~
Levy ♡.♡
You!! @RosePark, stop that! Lol
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