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I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to make my bias list and here it is!! *squeals* >ω<
BTS- MIN YOONGI (SUGA) <3 Suga the sleepy head is just too adorable and cute. His swag and his rapping just makes me melt >_<. When he's on stage , he literally just shines and when he had on a suit for dope ,I literally dies a few times !!
SEVENTEEN- HONG JISOO (JOSHUA)<3 Joshua is the new guy that literally entered my bias list without me even realizing it >~<. He has the cutest smile and when he sings in English *squeals even more* .
IKON- KIM HANBIN (B.I) <3 B.I is so cute and way too talented.He gives off such a cold aura but is just a little squish inside. He has so much talent and the songs he produced and how hard he tries for his groups I SERIOUSLY LOVE HIM!!
DAY6- PARK JAE HYUNG (JAE) <3 Jae has such an amazing voice and how he plays guitar *squeals* .He is just too funny and is the king or hashtags. His sense of humor and his glasses I LOVE IT SO MUCH >ω< .