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Let's talk about iKON for a bit (they are mix BigBang). I love B.I❤ and Bobby❤ (both of them are GD&TOP mix) i have liked those two since WIN. few things...i think iKON will go far then WINNER (no offence to WINNER fans. dont get me wrong i sort off like them. Mino is my fave tho) Jinhwan have style of GD but singing like Daesung...beautiful voice. Junhoe (is a camera hoe for sure lmao...sorry) love this boy lips...he has voice of TOP but style of Taeyang (but I don't like his Ken looking style) but I want his lips all over my *cough* Yunhyeong has both of Seungri and Daesung Chanwoo is more like Seungri slightly Taeyang Donghyuk kind of Daesung and Taeyang What do you think? P.S. they are first out of all member that i cannot decide between two. B.I❤ and Bobby❤ so much a like its so hard...(but B.I i saw first and Bobby's rapping hit me.)✌
so what do you think?
B.I & Bobby❤❤❤❤❤❤❤