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So I thought it might be fun to start with something incorporating the soot sprites because they're my favorite mini Miyazaki characters. This didn't come out nearly as good as I hoped. I think because I don't really have any pencils on me right now, so I wasn't able to do any pre-drawing to get the dimensions even. I also think that choosing to work with Indian ink pens might be a bad idea because you can't really create detail with them. (If you look inside the mini stars, I tried to create value with dots and stripes, but I felt super limited.) Anyway, tomorrow I'll try laying out the forms with pencil and trying again. Wish me luck!
Looks great to me! I think I'll have to outline with pencil as well. I am terrible with proportions otherwise. i really need to go watch this now lol
@aabxo Lol starting with tomorrow's, I'm definitely pre-sketching with pencil.