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@kpopandkimchi @Starbell808 @B1A4BTS5ever @Exoexo @Myaisnotsexy @Marilovexoxo Here are some of my favorite Sad KPop Songs
1. I Told You I Wanna Die by Huh Gak. The first time I watched this video I bawled my eyes out and the song is just as sad and amazing. Hello is also a sad one and it goes with the other one. I think Hello is first then the other one but I'm not sure.
2. Severely by FTIsland
3. I Remember by Bang YongGuk ft. Yoseob
4. I don't want to be an Idol by Vixx Well that is all for now I'm sad now...
Here's something to cheer you up :)
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I was so sad after this, but then I got to the gif.😂😂