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yo vingler I'm new at this. so just keeping it simple. WHICH 3 DEVIL FRUIT WOULD YOU EAT?!
1. pika pika no mi. Cuz being and controlling light would be to awesome. and being the speed of light seems crazy fun.
2. Bari Bari no mi. Cuz I can already think of a bunch of ways to use barriers lol like as a plate so I would have to wash dishes
3. and lastly of course the awesome Gomu Gomu no mi. the picture says it all, giant streaching limbs! I would looove being rubber! and who wouldn't want to have the same ability as the future pirate king.
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that's tru. @Danse being your own night light or flash like would be extremely nice. never have to pay a light bill again lol
well concidering you would die if you ate even two devil fruits i would choose the almighty goro goro no mi, which i believe is the strongest devil fruit so far
plus never have to pay ANY electrical bills
Right?! No electric bills for life! *scooooore* No, I don't think it quite works that way, as nice as the thought is. And let me just tell you even if I did eat that disgustingly gross fruit, I would in no way, shape or form have that mans attitude. Isn't he just creepy? His casual attitude is very odd to me. I almost feel like there is more to him. >_< Nut I guess that's not the topic, I just got off track when I thought of the fruit and him.
Nut = But* Bwuahah typo King strikes again.