"If you had to pick 5 female heroes to join your super-squad, who would you pick?" Here are my choices:
The Brains: Amanda Waller She has an intellect that is intimidating and unrelenting. If she decides that something has to be done, she figures out a way to execute her plan. Amanda Waller is not the timid bookworm, she steps up and goes toe to to with the worst of villains (and government officials). Better watch out, too...she's not afraid to decapitate anyone who steps out of line. Anyone.
The Brawn- (Female) Thor It's always good to have the power of the gods on your side, right?
The Mercenary: Lady Deadpool Although she doesn't usually "do" teamwork, she would make an excellent choice for reconnaissance and other dirty work.
The Happy One: Death She always knows how to lighten the mood, and her upbeat attitude has a way of bringing a new, more positive perspective to those around her.
The Leader: Angela Who better to have leading your team than the Queen of Hel?! I'm sure she can whip even the most rag-tag team of misfits into an efficient and effective squadron.
Here's what you do: Make a card with your squad: the brains, the brawn, the team leader, the mercenary & the happy one. Tag me in it! Tag 5 other people you'd like to challenge! Have fun Vinglers! I'm tagging @shannonl5 because she challenged me and @SydneyHogg @ButterflyBlu @ChosenKnight @DanRodriguez @imTANNERthanU I can't wait to see your great teams!
I totally love that you picked Amanda, she is perfect for that part!
bat girl black canary wonderwoman hawk girl super girl
OMG yessssssss to all of these!
@BryceKoehler they're be UNSTOPPABLE!!! Are you watching the Supergirl series?