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7: Favorite photo(s) of Jin ^.^ Jin in a bucket hat with those glasses is just ♥♥♥ War of Hormones was definitely my favorite era of BTS ^.^ and some more cuteness before I finish off with a derp pic XD
8: Favorite photo(s) of Suga ^^ Sweg...that pretty much all I gotta say about Suga :D Sweet Suga included before he judges me :) (///O///O///)
9: Favorite photo(s) of Jhope ^^ War of Hormones....can't get enough of the whole concept of it ♥♥ the dope era was Jhope's time to *cough*ruin̶my̶list*cough*̶ shine. His aegyo ^.^ Seriously when he makes the noises I cringe, but i want more...am I the only one who's like that?....Oh ._. okay.....*hides inside cave*
10: Jimin photos! ^^ His smile >.< Jimin in those pants was pleasing to the eyes ;D haha, but he needs to stay in his own lane...(hoseok's voice) *AGHHH!! PARK JIMIN!!!*
Doing these days made me realize that I only did one pic for RapMon so I this is like a bonus ^^
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