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Welcome everyone to Part 3!!! I hope ur excited about this as much as I am :) I'm just thankful for everyone who has followed the story. This will start at where the sneak peek left off so here's the link to that:

*Warning* Prepare your feels

GD finally looked up from where he was sitting when he heard footsteps. He smiled faintly when he saw who it was. "Your late Youngbae..Long time no see." GD said in a soft voice. "Yeah, I guess it has." Taeyang replied. To be honest Taeyang almost didn't answer to GD's call but when he heard the urgency he decided it was best too. "So what's happened this time?" Taeyang went straight to the point. GD sighed and told him about the past days events.
To GD's surprise, Taeyang seemed to be laughing!! "What's funny?" GD asked with anger in his voice, "Do you know how bad I'm feeling right now?". Taeyang expression changed immediately to a darker one as he stared at GD. "Your right I don't know how bad your feeling but I bet TOP would.."
"Taeyang...that has nothing to do with this. I thought we promised we would all forget about what happened." GD said through clenched teeth. Taeyang looked at him with dissapointment and pity, "No that's what you promised after you hurt TOP like that!! But fine let's drop it for now" But Taeyang made a mental note to talk about that later as they went on to find the other members. GD took another heavy sigh, "Why do we need them again? You and I are enough for TOP." Taeyang spoke as he walked,"No. We're not going to fight, we're going to solve the mess you've made. And since the break-up we've all changed...especially you. So to fix this we're gonna need everyone there." GD kept silent and continued walking lost in thoughts. *Meanwhile a car drives up to an ominous building*
"What are we doing here? What is this place?" I asked cautiously. TOP said nothing as he got out of the car and walked towards the building. I felt in my pocket for my phone and looked up at TOP with wide eyes. And there in his hand was my phone. He then made a gesture toward the entrance of the building then looked back at me. I had no choice I had to get my phone back. So I entered the building.
It reeked of must and rotten wood and looked horrible on the inside. I looked around looking for TOP and found him in a big room which was actually decorated well. "TOP what's going on? Why did you bring me here?" I asked, "Oh and where's my phone?". He looked at me and said with a smirk, "You ask too many questions for a hostage." I looked at him curiously, "Why are you doing this?". Then I thought of him and GD. "Is it because of GD?", I accused him. I seem to have guessed right as he looked up at me.
"Its all because of him.', TOP spat out. He smiled to himself as he commenced to tell me the secrets of his past.

*Flashback Time*

Yes there was a time when you could say me and GD were close. I used to think of him as my closest friend, the one person I could always go to for support but I was mistaken. He betrayed me and took my one and only love from me. *Who was she?* To me she was the world.
Her name was Briana Johnson. She was beautiful, smart, and unique..but most of all she cared. She would always listen..always. Even if she was tired or exhausted from school she would listen to my day and tell me about hers. *What happened to her?* YG happened. One of the rules they had for us was to not date. Especially not ordinary girls.
And G-Dragon being the star pupil of the company he was he would always make sure our group followed every single rule. I was stupid to think that he would believe friendship was above business. *What did he do?* He.....he took her from me.
I found out when Daesung called me and explained that GD had informed the company on my relations with Briana. *What did they do to her?* They sent her away. Halfway across the damn world. So that I could never see her again. From that day on Big Bang was no more.

*Flashback End*

I struggled to find words and piece everything together..but at that moment I heard a familiar voice. "GD?" I said to myself. TOP changed his face immediately.
"You're here..and looks like you brought some old friends." TOP said.
"Looks like everyone is here. Heh..This should be fun." TOP declared with a smile.


Part 3 done. I think this is my longest chapter yet lol. Please tell me what you think. And the Finale will be up soon...hopefully XD. Again a special thank you to everyone who takes the time to read these. I love you all!! @glostick @Marilovexoxo @AimeeH Camp P.T.M is almost over :( @tayunnie @punkpandabear @raenel @AristaJ @DenieceSuit @CarenBoykins @lovelikematoi @adikiller @felicityautumn @BrianaJohnson @Exoexo @NadineEsquivel @kpopandkimchi @drummergirl691 Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. I'm sorry if I did ❤❤❤ @otakukpopgirl
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@Marilovexoxo Don't worry lol. I'll keep you posted. ❤❤ @punkpandabear Thank you!!❤❤❤ I tried my best to find the right ones to fit the story.
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@wllmvns you're welcome. You did a good job finding them and writing this story. I hope you do more.
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@punkpandabear Yeah turns out I'm a pretty good writer XD I'll probably be posting a suggestion card for the next story when this one is done.
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