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I feel like my sister should be doing this. Sober Debra likes documentaries and episodes of 'The IT Crowd' while Drunk Debra marathons ABC Family rom-coms like it's her job.
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Lmao, I remember years ago when I shared a Netflix account with my brother, Man, talk about being judged lol. I binged watched Blue Mountain State lmfao
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The IT Crowd!!!! Gah. I love Richard Ayoade like its my destiny! <3. Loves it. My Netflix has Me and The Kid... You know. To make sure he Doesn't... Stumble upon certain shows. That's my reality. >.>
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@ButterflyBlu LOL What do you watch... And @LAVONYORK that's like when I let my friend use my Netflix account and suddenly all my recommended selections were different animes.
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I can see my friends doing this
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@MooshieBay Bahaha, I feel like some of my friends NEED to do this.
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