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I have always loved Hinata. She reminded me of myself because I used be shy as much as her. But I broke out of my shell.
She is also very pretty. She is also very sweet and kind no matter who it is. Also a trait we have in common.
She is also bad ass when she needs to be at first she wasn't strong but with the rest of the characters she got strong too.
I've always loved these two together I'm glad she got the man she wanted.
I love this ♥ I would die for someone I love as well.
I say she is as strong as Neji.
She is so adorable!!
She is a bad ass woman. Yet, a kind hearted one ♥ @shannonl5
Very sweet. Hinata definitely deserved her happy ending
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Hinata was always secretly a boss. But no one really got it until shippuden
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I love a shy strong woman she is definitely my favorite among the kunoichi 2nd is Sakura
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I'd say technically stronger than neji just gotta get her really mad sorta like Gohan
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