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I agree completely!! Its only fair lol.
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@kiki29 wouldn't you like it if he marry the guy you ship him with? Like i wouldn't mind Jackbum happening if one of them didn't marry me.
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@SusiBosshammer I only ship my men with me. So if I can't have them then no one can. They'll just have to get use to the single life 馃榿.
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@KiKi29 Lol well I wouldn't want him to be single. @SusiBosshammer Yeah I agree
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Lol I'm just talking. It would interesting to see who my biases end up with. Most of mine are older so I won't be surprised if they start (or are already in) serious relationships. Two of them are already in relationships.
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right right woozi better end up with seungcheol then.
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