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Just a little about me!

Hey guys. So my birthday was on the 8th and I realized I've been on vingle for a while and I thought I might introduce myself.
Vixx was my first group that I really got into and learned about the members. My bias is Ravi, but sometimes from time to time N likes to sneak his way in there.
But Got7 is my bias group!!!! I love them so much!! They are the only group I have ever seen in concert and I have fallen in love with every member.
But my ultimate bias is...


I love him so much and I don't even know why. It's to the point where if he smiles it makes me smile! I love seeing him and I am so happy to have him as my ultimate bias!! Also sometimes (actually a lot) my favorite pairing/ship comes up. It just happens to be MARKSON!!
I also love kdramas and variety shows!!! Running man was one of the first Korean related things I saw and it drew me in even farther. I'm on dramafever more than I would like to admit.
Other things about me!! I like to try to follow smaller and not as well known groups sometimes such as A6P, Speed, History, High4, Day6 and my favorite solo rapper Mad Clown. While I still love the well known groups like Exo, Vixx, Shinee, Bts, B1A4, Teen Top and others. I love to find new groups. So if you ever think of a group that needs more love, or you just wanna talk about one of the groups above just let me know!!! I hope I wasn't too annoying and I hope you read this card. Thanks for being so welcoming and showing lots of love!!
@AbbyRamey yes I have heard of them. I haven't gotten to the point where I learn their names and who's who's yet tho. Maybe someday!!! @KellyOConnor thanks so much for the welcome and song ji hyo is high on my list right after Kim Jong Kook!!
Happy birthday and VIXX FOREVERRRR
glad to know ya and looking forward to your contribution to the community
Hi hello and Happy Birthday!! 🎉 Running Man!! That show is how I got my family into k-dramas LOL! ACE Ji Hyo! Total DramaFever addict here too. Woohoo for less known groups getting love! Sorry I hould be sleeping but eh. Anyway hello welcome to the family!
Have you heard up10tion yet? :D
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