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The pain has become very significant, and the antibiotics make me extremely drowsy... So I wont be able to do todays lesson either, I am so sorry guys, ❤❤❤Lots of Love, Ashlee ❤❤❤ (Seriously, I am so sorry...)
Focus on getting better! I slept for a week basically when I was getting better and the antibiotics kicked my butt. I found that the antibiotics actually made my fever go up really high then I'd fall asleep cause my body was just too tired then I'd wake up freezing and sweaty cause my fever broke. Basically a totally rotten experience but you will get through it! Sleep a ton and if you need moral support I'm here!!
Honestly I am still feeling a little weak from it (2 weeks later) but you'll feel better I promise!
I still swear by pasta and peanut butter banana toast (separately obviously hahahah)