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@CassondraSteven Noooooooo! Give Cassanova Steven back lol he was too young to die!!
@CassondraSteven its funny how I just made that name up randomly lol
@mandisellers13 ......well..I don't think that's possible..*pokes stomach* ....yeah he gone...(I actually now have an excuse to talk to my self now!) mom: who are you talking to? me:....Cassanova..... mom: wat? me: YOUR CHILD THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT BECAUSE I'M A MONSTER AND I CANNIBALIZED HIM BECAUSE I WAS HUNGRY!! need to stop watching that tokyo ghoul stuff me: *demon voice *NEVER!!!
@CassondraSteven hahahahaha! I just like laughed way too hard my ribs hurt.....omg! As she walks off in her mind she's thinking *what does my child watch oh god*
@mandisellers13 yes! I make people laugh!