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So for those of you who don't know Danganronpa recently got a dub and I am here to share my opinion on a new collection I'm doing called Dub vs Sub where I talk about which one is superior the dub of a show or the sub of a show because I feel like subs is not always better than dub and vice versa.

The cast

So honestly this cast looks pretty great and imma just leave how I felt about them next to their name Greg Ayers as Monokuma(not surprised but honestly I don't like what he did with monokuma) Bryce Papenbrook as Makoto Naegi(Only game dub original he did ight but I played the game in Japanese) Felecia Angelle as Aoi Asahina(I like her voice) Lindsay Seidel as Celestia Ludenwerg(don't like your character but good choice) Jamie Marchi as Junko Enoshima(once again hate you but the voice is good) Kara Edwards as Chihiro Fujisaki(I'll always love Fujisaki) Carli Mosier as Toko Fukawa(I thought they did pretty good) Christopher Bevins as Yasuhiro Hagakure(eh) Austin Tindle as Kyotaka Ishimaru(Not really) Caitlin Glass as Kyoko Kirigiri( I like it) Justin Cook as Leon Kuwata( didn't really care) Monica Rial as Sayaka Maizono(my ears) Rachel Robinson as Sakura Ohgami(sorry voice didn't match it bothered me) Christopher R. Sabat as Mondo Owada (eh) Josh Grelle as Byakuya Togami(so much douche) Tyson Rinehart as Hifumi Yamada(Loved it)

Final Verdict

Honestly I'm kinda indifferent about the dub and have only seen the first two episodes since that's what's on kiss anime so far I like most of the voices like how boyish Fujisaki sounds that's good and how togami sounds like a prick and Junko sounding like a bimbo, but what will make it or break it is how good they did with my baby Genocider Syo!

Next time I Will be talking about the JoJo bizarre adventure (2012) dub!

Have you seen the Danganronpa dub? Do you prefer the sub version or the dub?

I even played the game and SUUUUB Always Sub!
This is a really cool collection idea! I haven't seen the anime yet but that tongue gif scares me! lol @VinMcCarthy @RosePark Have you guys seen this anime?
For this anime, I prefer sub