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This is my response card to @VinMcCarthy's awesome My Otaku Life in GIFs challenge!
( I missed the Friday Deadline since I'm new here and I wasn't Tagged,
but I still wanted to just do it for fun! So, sorry for the late card! D: )
Here it Goes!! :D

What was the first anime you watched?

Sailor Moon.

What was the first anime/manga you ever finished?


Who is your favorite anime lady?


Who is your favorite anime man?

Gintoki! Charming, ne?

What anime are you currently watching?

Gangsta. (Though that sorta went belly up with bankruptcy... *sob*)

Thanks for checking it out!

Hope it was worth being late, haha.


I'm so upset about gangsta
Right!? How dare they possibly deny me any future Nicolas Brown! I can't be stressed out like that! I need my Tag monkey! D:<
First I ever watched..."Tokyo mew mews" The first manga I finished"kanata kara"(i have a habit of not finishing xc) My fav. lady is....."Miss.Lady from DMC) My fav. man are...Ulquiorra❀ Im currently watching"K project"
First anime I've ever watched would most likely be Claymore.